Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Swayam mean?

Swayam®, is a Sanskrit word which literally means ‘oneself’ or ‘own’.

What is Swayam® Personality Assessment?

Swayam® Personality Assessment is based on ancient Indian science and knowledge traditions. Combining this with scientific methodology, Swayam® Personality Assessment is built and designed to derive an empirical analysis of human personality that gives a holistic, layered and an in-depth analysis of a person’s behaviour and its various modes of expression.

How does Swayam® Personality Assessment (Swayam®)help?

Swayam® was created to help find answers to the most basic questions about people-their behaviour, needs, wants, thought processes, and thinking patterns. This will enable and empower efficient and accurate decision making that support growth and enable evolution as a person.

How often can one take the test?

One can take the test as often as they like, but with a minimum gap of 6 months.
Students: Preferably while in High School/ Pre-University as well as just before graduating to identify SWOC and capitalize on them for success in courses and careers.
Human Resource: Before recruiting to screen out individuals who don’t fit the culture, ethos and needs of organizations.

After recruitment to identify employees best suited for roles that need their strengths and traits for successful job performance, enabling organizations to capitalize on them.

To identify individuals who have the capacity to take on leadership roles to lead teams, Leadership analysis and L&D needs of groups of employees.

Will the results vary or differ every time the test is taken?

The results will depend on how honestly one answers the comprehensive set of questions. The answers will determine the scores which describe the personality traits and recommendations for each individual.

If an individual gives different answers every time, then the scores and thus the results may vary.

Is the test free or do I need to pay for it?

Please refer to the pricing page and the different types of tests and reports that you can avail of.

How can one get and access the report?

Once the test is completed and submitted, the report will be generated in the form of a pdf which will be mailed to the institution/organization through which the tests were administered.  

What is the validity of the Username and Password to take the assessment?

The Username and Password will be valid for a period of 12 months or 365 days from the date of generation of the same. After this time, the Username and password will expire and cannot be used again.

How long will the report be stored at Swayam®?

The reports will be stored for 6 months from the date of completion of the test. Post this period, it will be archived and one would need to make a payment again if they want it to be retrieved and mailed.

In this event, the administrator of the site will need to be contacted.

What is the validity of the reports at Swayam®?

The reports at Swayam® are valid for a period of one year from date of generation of the same.

Can I get any other report if I want another one?

Yes, after completion of the tests and obtaining the report that has been subscribed for, you will need to contact the administrator of the site to upgrade your reports.

*Only certain reports can be upgraded. Please contact the administrator for further details.

Will one need to pay to upgrade to another report?

Yes, there is a payment for upgrading to another report.

*Only certain reports can be upgraded. Please contact the administrator for further details.

Will one need to take the tests again to upgrade to another report?

That depends on the type of test already answered and type of report that one wants upgraded to.

Some reports can be obtained without taking the tests again, while some other reports would need one to take a different type of test. 

*Only certain reports can be upgraded. Please contact the administrator for further details.

Who is eligible to take the tests at Swayam®?

The Swayam® tests are designed to assess any and every individual without restrictions on gender, age, culture, region, belief, race or geography, provided they are above 18 years of age.

After completion of the test, will Swayam® also offer counselling and mentoring?

The Swayam® reports are comprehensive assessments which give detailed analysis of personality traits based on ancient Indian scientific knowledge systems. It is usually sufficient to give you clarity and guidance on career or work choices and related information.

One is free to take the report and go to an independent counselor for further guidance, or approach Dr. Shilpa Datar and the team at Swayam® for counselling. This counselling will be charged extra and is optional and not inclusive of the price that is paid at the time of taking the assessment.

How does one register to take the test?

Only educational institutions and organizations can subscribe and take up the assessments at Swayam for their students/employees.

Please fill up the details at the Contact Us page or the Enquire Now form for further information.

How long do the tests take to complete?

All the questions at Swayam® are Multiple Choice Questions type where one does not need to write anything. One only needs to select those statements that are most applicable to them.

Personal-Details Form

This is mandatory for all users to complete. This would take about 02-03 mins to fill up.

Short version assessments: 

This has two tests with 15 questions each. This will take about 05- 10 mins or less to answer both. One has to answer both tests.

Long version assessments: 

This has three tests and would take about 60 mins or less to complete all three. One has to answer all 3 parts.

What report would one need to take?

Based on the needs and requirements, one can choose the report that would best answer their queries.

The list of reports and their contents are available to give one a better idea. Please contact the administrator for further details.

How does one make payments for the reports subscribed?

All payments are only through Bank Transfers/online payments.

For all information related to payment terms and conditions, please contact the administrator.